Just signed up for this. You should, too.


1. It’s free
2. From the looks of things, it’ll cover quite a number of good poets
3. We can talk about cool poetry things
4. We can make fun of how uncool 3 is, both conceptually and as a sentence
5. If you follow the recommended prior-to-class reading, you’ll read “Song of Myself,” which should be required to be read by law if you’re going to attempt to write poetry anyway
6. Not to mention it’s brilliant. Especially if you read multiple drafts, even if it’s just the first and last. Which would require a good rainy weekend. But would be worth your time because it’s, at the very least, a deft display of editing.
6a. Which, admittedly, I’m not partial to in my own work most of the time (partly because of poetic principle, partly because of laziness, partly because of alliteration), BUT is important to know and recognize as an important part of writing.
7. Did I mention it’s free?

14 May 2012 / 34 notes / coursera poetry 

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    I’m in! …Too bad it doesn’t start til September. JEEZ. That wait is like… 0.5% of my life.
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    I signed up too! I’m so excited.
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    I signed up, so should you.
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